INITIAL CONSULTATIONNobody knows your business better you, so we must work together to ensure that our team of SEO experts understand your business and determine your goals, to implement an online marketing campaign that meets your needs.
This phase of collecting information is essential to the success of your campaign. You will be assigned a specialist SEO for your project that will be available via email Monday through Friday during business hours.
IDENTIFY YOUR KEYWORDS (KEYWORDS) An important part of the success of your positioning is based on selecting the right keywords. Not only the words that describe your business, but also the words that could increase traffic to your website.
In this step, we ask that you send us a list of words and phrases you think are most important for your business. With these, we began a thorough investigation, using tools like Wordtracker to determine which phrases are most appropriate for your campaign.
Optimize your WEB PAGEOnce the keywords / phrases are identified for each page, we start with the technical work of optimizing your website.
Optimize your CONTENTSearch engines better positioned websites with quality content. It is important that your website includes enough quality content relevant to your business.
Our editors (copys) are specialists in using your keywords / phrases are sure that in context and have a value for the user of your site.
Optimizing Your Code HTMLA website should have an attractive design and technically also scheduled to make spiders search engines can easily track it, and so optimal positioning.
It is important to consider this balance between design and HTML code. Our SEO experts know perfectly how the spiders of search engines and they combine web design with technical skill.
There are 3 basic HTML tags that can affect your position, title tags, keyword tags and description tags. Our specialists Enhancements include key words in them, so as to ensure a best possible position in search engines.
LEADING THE PAGES OF YOUR WEBSITESearch engines recognize the relevance of keywords displayed in the URL of a page. Although we know that is difficult to have a domain that includes your keywords, we can rename files with the appropriate keywords. For example, if your company sells office furniture, we would rename your page · mobiliario_oficina.html info.html "A". "
LEADING YOUR WEB LINKSIt is important that your website has a good internal structure, not only for users but also for spiders search engines, which use the links to crawl and index your web pages.
Optimize your SITEMAPThe site map is simply a textual representation of the structure of your website. This is to give spiders the search engines links to all pages of your site. A greater number of pages indexed results in a greater number of times your Web will be seen every time you do a search with your business Sensing Method.
HIGH SEARCH ENGINEOnce the optimization process has been completed, it is time to upload your new pages to the server and make them high in search engines.
REPORTS AND CONTROL Media Amoros send you monthly reports ranking of your website in search engines. We send you traffic reports that collect information of visits by day of week, time of day, most visited pages, entry and exit pages, etc. ..
During the contract period we also control your website to make / suggest changes according to changes in requirements that may occur in the search engines.