INITIAL CONSULTATIONDuring this phase we determine what are the objectives to achieve with your advertising campaign and what is your budget for it.
One of our Google Adwords consultants will collect the necessary information to understand your business, and thus ensure the success of your campaign.
MARKET ASSESSMENT.After the initial consultation we present an evaluation of your market data such as estimated traffic, cost per click, CTR, ect. This information will be very helpful in making a decision.
YOU ADVICE ON CHOOSING KEYWORDS. It is important to choose carefully the words that will contain your ad. In Media Amorós advise you to ensure the success of your campaign.
Geo We can target your campaign by region and / or schedule (for example, if you sell Japanese food in Alicante, may only be interested in this region publicitarte 7 pm to 11 pm).
CREATE YOUR AD Elaborate a draft of your ad to give us your consent. Your ad will be designed with persuasive content that appeals to your prospects and get results.
EVALUATE YOUR CAMPAIGN. Every month we send a detailed report of your campaign. This will show statistics of impressions, clicks, enhanced creativity, better keywords, CTR, etc.
Monitoring and Tuning Your campaign will be monitored throughout the duration of it, to adjust any parameter if necessary.